Dictator Update

We are proud to report favorable accessibility feedback from one of our users!  We are striving to make Dictator both accessible and eyes-free.

In the meantime, we are working through some more features, including some accessibility enhancements.

General operation has these new features:

  • Setting to read the Confidence score of the Top Result, if provided.
  • Setting to read the complete item when extending an item.

The Main screen has these new features:

  • Items from other years include the year in the item display.
  • Setting to Expand Current Keyword.  This expands the Current Keyword’s group, when sorting by Keyword.

Quick Record mode has these new features:

  • Automatically retry Speech Recognition on Speech Error.
  • Setting to  retry Speech Recognition on Low Confidence (<50% see below).

Confidence is an optional feature of Speech Recognition, ranging from 0% (red) to 100% (green).  Dictator currently color-codes this, if available, in these places:

  • The More Results “count” in parenthesis at the end of item text.
  • A colored-band in the More Results selection list and in Quick Record.