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You could say we are obsessed with this app right now, and you’d be right!

Until the previous release, XMC was not that great, and we are working hard to improve it, and add access to EWS features you don’t get in other apps.

Let’s review what you get in XMC:

  • contacts and calendars sync
  • folder search
  • user availability
  • user social status in your Contacts app
  • reminders (EWS v15)
  • and now…

And now is Out-of-Office (OOF) settings management.  Upcoming version has a screen for you to manage these settings; see Outlook’s documentation for details.  OOF is an auto-reply feature for your inbox.  OOF is available in all versions of EWS.

Also moved to the Options menu are the View Log tabs; these are now menu items which launch a new fragment to display the selected log.  This reduces number of tabs on main screen to 3.