Dictator Ganked by Android Team

Please bear with us while we make repairs to Dictator for the latest versions of Android.  We aren’t sure when this happened, but for sure it is in Android 5.x.

Mind you, it’s not just us, but every app that makes “non-trivial” use of the Speech Recognition subsystem.

They have made changes to the Speech Recognition system implementation, in a way that breaks Dictator.

Specifically, you cannot activate the Quick Keys to create or extend dictations after the first time, until you re-load the main screen.  If you are not using Quick Keys for activation, you may not have noticed any issues.

A visible artifact is the progress indicator appears to get “stuck on”.  It actually disappears then quickly reappears; this is part of the gankery.

We apologize to you, on behalf of the lame developers on the Speech Recognition subsystem.