New Theme

We have finally changed the theme!  This opens a period of theme experimentation, so it may change again without notice.

Feed Farmer Update

We are still adding some features, plus the whole detour with Dictator.


We are adding rudimentary playback capability directly in the app.  This gives you the ability to preview audio, and even conduct some listening while you read through feed items.

Currently only foreground playback is supported; we are deferring to your favorite Media Player app for background playback.

Nav Drawer

You can access your downloaded podcasts in the navigation drawer, via the Playlist item.  You start playback by selecting one of the items in the list.

While audio is playing, you get a corresponding UI at the top of the navigation drawer.  This displays title, progress, and a Play/Pause button.

New Styling

We have yet again changed the color scheme for rendered HTML; this time using more-saturated colors.

The overall text sizes are a little larger, and we have extensively overhauled the CSS rules to ensure everything word-wraps as much as possible.  This was a major cause of “zoomed out” syndrome, where failure to word-wrap would make extremely “long” lines, and the web view zoomed to fit.

Another cause of zoom-out was unconstrained image sizes; we have CSS in place to control that as well.

There are also CSS media queries in place to provide little style tweaks when you are on a larger screen or in landscape orientation.

New Setting

We are adding a new setting to Keep Screen On while you are in “content” screens, like Item List Browser and URL Browser.  There’s nothing more annoying than reading along, then suddenly the screen goes off!