User Spam

We are seeing a handful of users with a email domain.  The user names look “real”, but the email account doesn’t match the user name, or in any way look human-generated.  The registration responses are also “fishy”, in particular the “Android Device” prompt!

We are assuming this is part of some kind of hack or phishing exploit.

If you own one of these accounts, please make contact via email, or those accounts are going to be deleted, and you can re-register with something more suitable.  Or easier yet, edit your Account Profile, and update the “Android Device” prompt with a real device name!

Thanks for your understanding.

Dictator Update

A minor update for Dictator.

  • Correct an error in one of the Dutch (NL) strings (abbreviation for “seconds”).
  • During Text-to-speech, you can use the Volume keys to cancel speech.  This is handy when you have the “extra” speech segments turned on!