Reader Feeder Update

We are pushing this one out-the-door soon, and it was a wild ride!

To recap, Reader Feeder is a tool for downloading e-books.  It has a special feature: extract the audio file links embedded in Librivox‘s audio book EPUB files for you to download and listen to.

Good, Bad, Ugly

The good news is you have full access to the “chapter” markers embedded in the MP4 files from Librivox and others.  Big thanks to our open-source project IsoSax for making this possible!

The (not-so) bad news is we built in audio playback, providing the transport controls for seeking to “chapters”.  The detours associated with this, and storing publicly-accessible media files on-device, caused some undue delays in release.

Latest Android

We made an effort this time to use features from newer versions of Android.  In particular, the we completely rewrote the HTTP stack, because Google deprecated that part of the system .  The rewrite also ties into the system better, for usage reporting etc.

Google also changed access to external storage and run-time permissions.  On newer devices, RF asks you to enable this, so you can save downloaded content and access it from your other apps (Media Player, e-book Reader).

Permissions are minimal:  Internet, Wake Lock, and Write External Storage.

Coming Soon!

Watch the event calendar for the release announcement, so you can start enjoying the tons of free audio books on The Internet Archive!