Darts Beta Winding Down

The title says it all, but you still have time to weigh in, especially if there’s something still broken!  Thanks a bunch to everyone that participated.

Otherwise, just wait until sometime next week, we will be publishing our Android 4 version.  If you don’t have Android 4, you won’t be offered an update from Google Play.  We will see you on the other side….

Darts Scorecard Beta

If you want to participate in the Darts Scorecard Beta, just join the Google Group at https://groups.google.com/d/forum/darts-scorecard.

Once you are joined, you can access the download link from your device at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.escapellc.CricketScorecard.

You can go to the Gallery or our previous post for updated screens.

Thanks in Advance, and don’t miss out on your chance to provide us with valuable feedback!

Darts Scorecard Beta Changes

The first bit of welcomed news is full integration with the Android Action Bar, no more backward compatibility hacks!  We have also moved all of the separate screens (Scoresheet, Stats, etc.) into one screen, thanks to fragments.

The only bad news here is for older devices, they are not getting any updates, sorry.


There is now an opening setup screen with all the settings available at once.  The defaults are taken from the Settings the first time you open.  You also return to this screen after every Game Over.

Since you can access all the settings at once, the other modal dialogs are gone, and the associated clutter in the menu.


The first thing to notice is all the visual effects (i.e. gradients) are gone!  Everything uses a dark color scheme.

For all players, the game-level stat display has been moved to above the round display on portrait orientation.  You now get two rows of stats along the bottom edge.  For landscape orientation, similar tweaks but in the opposite direction.

For x01 players the Dartboard View UI has been enhanced with haptic feedback and sound effects, just like other system UI have.

For Cricket players we have inverted the chalks to go with the dark background.


No changes here other than removal of visual effects.

Stats Gallery

No changes here other than removal of visual effects.

Android 4 Status Update

Things are moving right along and we have two reworks in progress: both Feed Farmer and Darts Scorecard are up first for the Android 4 treatment!

We are making full use of the Action Bar and other features, and these will hopefully make the UIs work even better for everyone.

If you are excited for some Eye Candy, we have posted some screens in the corresponding Gallery sections.

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Status Update

We’ve been on hiatus for the last couple months, but rest assured, we are coming out of the slumber.

To get back in the mood, we are working on an Android 4 UI revamp of Feed Farmer, our Atom/RSS reader and podcast downloader.

We are also making the gradual move to Android 4 (API 14) as the minimum version across all our apps.  All of this backward-compatibility baggage (i.e. extra code) is just too much now!  Sorry to those who don’t yet have an Android 4 device; we will be waiting for you on the other side!

Status Update

We are working on a new Input Method Editor called IME Listening.  It is currently in testing, and we are getting great feedback from accessibility users.

The AGE project is on hiatus until we get to release on the new IME.

Ning is Down

It looks like the termination request for our Ning site has been executed; it now displays “down for maintenance”.

Ready For Users

We finally have the right blend of WordPress plugins together to get the level of support we want, so it’s time to open things up.

Migration Status

Our migration is moving right along; we will be ready for members shortly!

We are currently playing with various plugins, to provide the highest-value features from the Ning site:

  • Events Calendar
  • Forums
  • Membership
  • Image Gallery

The Groups feature is probably going to be left out; we are taking all of that content and making app-specific pages for each group.