Feed Farmer Android 4 Beta

We will be pushing a new Android 4 version of Feed Farmer to Beta, so please hop onto our Google Group so you can get an early preview!


We have just pushed this to Google Play, so you can find it there now.


Some of the changes include:

  • Revamped to use the Action Bar and Fragment User Interface.
  • Uses Android’s built-in Download Manager for all downloads.
  • Control over whether to use Data Network for feed and attachment downloads.
  • New per-item reading format tracks the read status of each item.
  • Control over how often to download feeds and how many items to retain.
  • New setting to add attachments but not automatically download them.
  • Controlled browsing experience using multiple “layers” of browser windows, to navigate between feed items and Internet content independently.
  • All Internet pages are scanned for feed discovery.

Watch for the Beta debut coming soon!

The gallery below contains some previews of the beta version, check out the first 6 images.

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New Google Group

We have just created a new Google Group for support, and to make it easy to participate in all of our Beta Software programs from one place:  here.  If you were joined to any of the previous (Google) groups, you should re-join the new one, as we will be deleting the other ones.

For your convenience, we added a new page to this site, with an IFRAME containing the Google Group.

Gallery Update

After the WP upgrade, the Gallery page was broken.  This has been repaired.  Due to changes in the Gallery plugin, the Gallery now displays every image, instead of grouping them.