XMC Update

Things are moving right along!

Autodiscover is working, except for a couple edge cases.  We now track the exchange version in the account settings; you must run the “Test” command before adding the account.  Missing version detection will default to Exchange 2007 SP1 and cut you off from features like Reminders (see below).

Reminders are working.  This is an Exchange 2013 only feature.

The main screen is enhanced to show reminders, and now shows the calendar items (from the EWS availability response, not the calendar provider) for all the calendars being tracked.  This is the only place you can see “private” (i.e. limited data because of permissions) events, which are not saved to calendars due to not having any unique “id” (again not given because of permissions).

The main screen now has a log page for the Timer Service.  The Timer Service runs on the quarter-hour, and performs time-sensitive tasks, like downloading and displaying notifications, and downloading and updating availability data in the Contacts Provider.

The main screen now has menu items for forcing Calendar and Contact sync, and Settings.

The main screen defaults to your “first” account, and displays the account name as the app subtitle.

There is now a setting to delete old events during Calendar sync.

Overall this is a greatly enhanced update!

XMC Update

When the install count hits zero, it’s a good time to regroup and rebuild.

That’s what we are doing with eXchange My Contacts, the Exchange Web Service (EWS) Contact and Calendar sync provider for Android.

Most-critical is supporting the Autodiscover process, and….done!  It’s now easier than ever to get connected, and we now support connecting to Office 365, Exchange Online, etc.

Next up is adding support for (Exchange 2013 only) Reminders and Reminder Actions snooze and dismiss.

We are also adding more information to the main set of screens, and adding direct force-sync commands to the Action Bar.